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Mass Gainer

For individuals who battle to eat sufficient to put on weight, the provided Mass Gainers are a successful method to expand calorie consumption. Dissimilar to regular protein supplements, they are loaded with carbs, protein, and amino acids that promote fast and accurate weight gain. After taking these supplements for a month or so, the users can see a difference in their body as these do not only improve weight but make the bones and muscles stronger. This benefit is likely the guaranteed one, and a recognized motivation behind why individuals take our Mass Gainers. These can help improve recuperation from exercise. Muscle glycogen is a basic fuel for extraordinary exercise, regardless of the activity of any anaerobic or aerobic nature.

Key Features:
  • The integrated glycogen improves supplement synthetization
  • Pure for weight-gaining and muscle-building purposes
  • Offer ample protein and viable sugar source for each serving
  • Have quality whey protein extract
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Mass Gainer Powder

Price: 1-5 INR/Unit

Description: 3000mg Creatine 2000mg Glutamic Acid 6.91g EAA

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Mass Gainer

Price: 550-700 INR/Unit

HealthOxide Mass Gainer supplies 27g Proteins and 113g simple and complex carbs in 1:4 ratio in a day to fuel rigorous workouts. Helps gain rapid muscle mass with only 5g sugar per serving. Organic whey protein expedites recovery and maximizes muscle building. Fortified with Digestive enzymes, mass gainer maximizes absorption of nutrients. Fortified with Vitamins and minerals blend HealthOxide Mass Gainer optimizes energy and relieves muscle fatigue for heavy-duty workouts.

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Weight Gain Powder

Price: 200-350 INR/Unit

HealthOxide GAINSure is the latest weight gain formula from Nutricore.This advanced formula combines the highest quality whey protein and soya protein isolate with a scientifically tested weight gain ingredients.GAINSure is perfect formula for people with underweight and wants to increase the body mass and gaining the weight. This All-in-1 formula delivers balance amount protein,carbohydrate and fat with vital vitamins and minerals.

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Mass Gainer Powder

Price: 1049-1250 INR/Unit

Recommended for quick muscle recovery purpose by fitness experts, the offered Mass Gainer is enriched with high amount of minerals like potassium and sodium.


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