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Third Party Contract Manufacturing
Get in touch with us if you want to partner with a third party contract manufacturer of nutraceutical products. We have everything you possibly are looking in a third party manufacturer, be it capability, experience, capacity, manpower and location. We will provide best third party manufacturing service. 
Whey Protein Isolate
Our Whey Protein Isolates are delivered to the users in three packaging such as 1.1 LBS, 5 LBS and 2.2 LBS. They are beneficial in reducing fat and cholesterol level in the body. These are consumed to accelerate protein intake by the users body.
Sports Nutrition Supplements
Every sport requires high metabolism and strength to prosper. For such demands, we have formulated Sports Nutrition Supplements in capsule, pill, fluid and powder form. The customers can pick any variant in compliance with the bodily requirements and digestion capacity.
Weight Loss Supplement
When the customers do not have proportionate eating diet, they get obese and fat that are not easy to remove. To help such individuals, we have formulated Weight Loss Supplements that are beneficial in reducing the deposited fat and maintaining a proper weight for a longer period.
Mass Gainer
These Mass Gainers are loaded with sodium and potassium that are helpful for people to gain weight without compromising on their health. They can be taken before and after a workout to get ideal results. These can also be consumed for longer durations without worrying over side effects as they contain none.
Amino Acid Supplements
These Amino Acid Supplements are delivered to the users in powder form. They are derived from nature and pulverized into fine powder for simple digestion and assimilation properties. These are beneficial for bodybuilders, gym goers and athletes.

Whey Protein Blend
Whey is essential for ones body to function appropriately. However, it should be administered perfectly to get ideal results. Hence, we have Whey Protein Blends that are formulated by considering the requirements of athletes and individuals, who desire to make their body stronger and firmer.
Energy Drinks
Our Energy Drinks are designed for such people, who constantly feel the urge to drink water for hydration purpose. These are formulated with quality food, agents, compounds and extract that lend them delightful taste, aroma and color. They are simple to store and digest by the body.
Energy  Drink Powder
The provided Instant Drink Powders have natural added flavors and colors that lend them mouthwatering taste and aroma. They are consumed for immediate energy purposes and have B12 vitamins to accelerate proper body functions. These are packed in food grade material to enhance their shelf life as well as prevent bacteria and related harmful agents to enter.
KETO MCT oil is 100% vegetable and gluten free oil that has its original flavour and aroma. It must be consumed in a dosage based on your requirement, age or as suggested by your healthcare professional. Add this oil in your diet to get most health benefits. 
Joint Care Supplements
Health Oxide Joint Support Glucosamine + MSM are joint care supplements that can be taken to enhance your joint flexibility. These supplements are also effective for osteoarthritis. Those who have damaged their muscle and ligament in any accident can 
Omega 3 Supplements
Omage 3 supplements are great for cardiovascular support. This dietary supplement can be taken to reap the health benefits like reduced joint stiffness & pain, and inflammation. It will work to boost heart health. 
Sexual Wellness Supplement
Improve your sexual health by taking these sexual wellness supplements daily. Available in the bottle packaging containing 120 capsules, this supplement is effective art improving strength, stamina, vigor and vitality. 

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